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To request adminship create a new section at the top of this page, directly below this notice, named after you. In it include the rationale for admin access. A bureaucrat will review your request and either promote you or deny you.

Bureaucrats please remember to leave a message detailing why you have denied someone's request.

Talon the Discerning

I would like the ability to update the main page, protected templates, and very outdated protected pages. I login almost every week, and make edits almost as often; I would be able to quickly respond to issues. Combining contributions to all namespaces, I have made 42 total new pages (including new templates and categories) and almost 1000 total edits (385 were minor). I have fixed nearly all of the Special:DoubleRedirects and Special:BrokenRedirects, and made substantial work on Special:UncategorizedCategories and Special:WantedCategories. Almost none of my edits have been rolled back or otherwise contested.

I recognize this is already bold for someone with less than a year in Amtgard, but I would also like to be considered for becoming a bureaucrat if/when you feel I am ready for it. Regardless of myself, I recommend adding a trusted admin as another bureaucrat, to help share the work and prevent burnout.

Benbookworm97 (talk) 16:55, 23 May 2024 (UTC)