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After escaping the perils of the Monestary on a borrowed warhorse that is jet black with glowing fire red eyes she ended up at a tavern where she ran into a group of adventures.She sat down and ordered a tankard of mead from the bartender and joined a Lady and her companions at a nearby table to wait for her room. Angelique being who she is grew restless as she sat listening to the idle chatter of the tavern brown eyes flicking around the dimly lite room as she wonders how Her Lords travels are gets up and meanders over to the bar to request a parchment of paper not wishing to use the link directly in mixed company as it could be perilous to ones health at times. She quickly jots down a note to her Lord which reads:" MiLordship how fare thee in Your travels? I am writting to let thee know that I am no longer at the Monestary as shortly after my arrival it was laid seige and i narrowly escaped with my life with the lil help of a demon who's name i do not know.I am now seeking refuge within a tavern on the outskirts of some very shadowy woods.If by chance that You are able can You meet me here for I grow weary of traveling as the roads are not safe by night. I have acquired a new steed to add to Your collection as well and have named Him Hellbringer it was.... (tilts head to the side as she contemplates her next words carefully) a gift from the hostess of the Monestary i escaped from for the rather rude hospitality and set of unfortunate events. Rolls the scroll up once more and seals it then searches for a trustworthy messenger and sets him off in the direction of the last known whereabouts of her Lord. Angeliques jet black hair falls like a curtain down to her waist she is 5'4 with milk white skin. Her voice carries a french accent but has undercurrents of bits of romanian decent and she has soft brown eyes with specks of orange in them most of the time when angry they change to a glowing pulsating red no ones really sure why or what she is. All that is known is that she travels with a mysterious man in Black armour who has been called the dark knight. Her dress is made of velvet and at one time looked like something fit for a queen although through her travels it has become somewhat ragged around the edges she carries herself with dignity as if she was a Lady of High stature and breeding but has been seen stripping down to her undergarments for a nice refreshing swim in a nearby lake on hot days. She has a wild spirit and is very impeteuous and sometimes twistedly litteral.