Amatiel Cassandra

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Baroness Page Amatiel-Cassandra, of Pegasus Valley, Dragonspine

"Never owe a favor to Cass" -Everyone ever.

Mundane Biography

Amatiel-Cassandra joined at the age of 12 under the name "Toad" in the Kingdom of Dragonspine. After moving, and taking time off during her 4 years in highschool plus a couple of not so active years she returned to full time active play under her current name Amatiel-Cassandra. She has played in the Duchy of Pegasus Valley ever after, and calls it her only real Amt-home. During her time in PV, Amatiel-Cassandra has filled the office of Ducal Champion, and Duchess and most notably the Guild Master of Assassins. She was given her Noble Title of Lady by Sir Alucard Draconis after her term as Champion. Before this, Amatiel-Cassandra was taken as a Page by Baron Squire Exedor Wayfel after winning a battle game. Though, none of these holds a candle to her attaining the title of Paragon Assassin which was given to her by Sir Glenalth. Currently, The only offices Amatiel-Cassandra holds are GM of Assassins, and Regents Defender of Pegasus Valley. At this time Lady Page Amatiel-Cassandra has the incomparable Woman at Arms Nire belted to her. In a hard decision I have decided that I will no longer take another person under my belt. Currently: As in the last two years. I have joined the CoA and become the Saint of Pride. I also received my Baroness title after my third treck in an office, that being Ducal Regent of Pegasus Valley.

Flurb Biography

Under Construction by Player. Update coming soon.

Affiliated Groups

The Syndicate

Church of the Apocalypse

Belted Family

Amatiel-Cassandra is happily belted to Baron Squire Exedor Wayfel

Notable Accomplishments

Nobel Title of Lady

Nobel Title of Baroness

Level 6 in Assassin

Paragon Assassin

Level 6 in Healer

Level 6 in Druid

Level 6 in Barbarian

Was Ducal Champion, Ducal Regent, and Dutchess of Pegasus Valley... at some point

Game Goals

Flurby - Show all the Jovites the error of their light filled ways. Have all Amtgardians embrace the darkness.

Find a company that fits her.

Become Paragon Peasant!!!

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