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Aldfalric, of Harbour of Rhye, in the Kingdom of Crystal Groves


”Stay Classy And Remember, DAP fumes are the smell of dreams coming true, even the bad ones. Winter is Coming, and always dance like you're atop the grave of a hated enemy.”


Aldfalric Began Playing Amtgard in 2009 at Sea of Rhye. in 2011 He became inactive due to military commitment. In the summer of 2013 he became active again with Harbour of Rhye.

Affiliated Groups

Tribe Skullrider of the Saracens, House of Dragon Hill, Amtgard Roleplay Midatlantic

Belted Family

Sir Matthias O'Lachon

     Squire Nazira Al Badiyah Reeh
         Man at Arms Aldfalric Stormblessed
             Page Gilliam Stormblessed

Notable Accomplishments

Lord Title Granted By Queen Shiva, 2014

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