Aislinn nic Fhearchair

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== Lady Aislinn nic Fhearchair of Caerbannog

In the HFS Duchess, Squire Aislinn nic Fhearchair, of Shadowmist
”An indicative quote”


Affiliated Groups

Former member of Steinnfjall Expatriate Member of ShadowMist Active member of Caerbannog

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Founding member of the Kingdom of ShadowMist(HFS)
Queen of ShadowMist March 1998 - May 2000, May 2001 - November 2001 (HFS)
Regent of ShadowMist November 2002 - May 2003(HFS)
Duchess (Date Unknown)(HFS)
Order of the Spark in ShadowMist(HFS)
Founding member and first Queen of Steinnfjall(HFS)
Regent of Caerbannog April 2015.

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More Information

Had a mobility assistance service dog named Sheena's Polar Express (Polar for short). After being told that Polar was the most famous dog in Amtgard he was dubbed Polaris Starbright. Polar passed in November of 2015.