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Arch Duchess Sir Admiral Anne Cash,

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Anne Cash is "a dearly beloved member of Caradoc Hold. Because she is awesome. The end." - Lady Glyn

Anne moved to Twilight Peak to be with her now husband Wunjo, but due to work schedule conflicts the pair had to move to another park. They are now proud menbers of the Duchy of Linnagond.

Having very successfully run a food drive in Caradoc for several years every Halloween called Frights for Foods, she's now heads the Canadian program Trick or Eat in the Northern Empire.

Anne is the founder of the Facebook group Knights AMA. The purpose of this group is to provide players with easy access to the knowledge, experience, and mentorship of knights, as well as give knights themselves the opportunity to teach without the restriction of location or time.

Squire Raiyta, WAA Kerowyn Silva, Squire Luna Moonstone, Squire Lady Pandora Moonfall, WAA Ime, and Page Styxx Kattalakis are belted to her.

Captain of the legendary ship The Phantom Skull

Admiral of the ships The Phantom Skull, The Revenge, Leviathan , and The Dragon's Breath.

Belted Family

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • Knight of Battle, December 2022
  • Knight of the Flame, bestowed by King Godwyn Lanksalot, August 2022
  • Battlemaster, granted by King Godwyn Lanksalot, August 2022
  • Knight of the Crown, bestowed by King Diem October 30th 2021
  • Queen of the Kingdom of the Nine Blades, August 2020
  • Paragon Anti-Paladin, August 2020
  • Paragon Archer, granted by Matriarch Promethea of the Nine Blades, August 2017
  • Knight of the Serpent (Admiral), bestowed King Jondal'ar Silvertongue of Goldenvale - July 2015.
  • Makes totally awesome statuary out of toothpicks. No lie. (Can be seen at the Ripleys believe it or not museum in Baltimore Maryland)
  • Master Archer, granted by King Talos of Goldenvale, May 2011
  • Captain, granted by King Sir Akrith, October 2011
  • Commodore, granted by King Sir Akrith, October 2011
  • Awarded her Master Dragon in December 2013 by King Sir Nexus Crow
  • Took 3rd at Olympiad at Keep on the borderlands in September of 2015
  • Won Kingdom of Goldenvale Dragon Master December 2012
  • Won Kingdom of Goldenvale Dragon Master December 2013
  • Duchy of Caradoc Hold Dragon Master April 2007, October 2007, December 2008, June 2010, September 2011
  • Non-noble titles: The Great Pumpkin (for winning the TP pumpkin carving contest), Master Scrapper (for winning the GV crafting competition at Fury 2011), Defender of the Black Dragon, Daughter of the Nine Blades

Positions Held

  • Dragonmaster of Caradoc Hold, April 2007 - October 2007
  • Champion of Caradoc Hold, May 2007 - October 2007
  • Guildmaster of Theatre, Caradoc Hold, May 2007 - October 2007
  • Dragonmaster of Caradoc Hold, October 2007 - June 2008
  • Guildmaster of the Arts, Caradoc Hold, October 2007 - December 2008
  • Dragonmaster of Caradoc Hold, December 2008 - June 2009
  • Dragonmaster of Caradoc Hold, June 2010 - December 2010
  • Second Consort of the Principality of the Nine Blades, April 2011 - October 2011
  • Dragonmaster of Goldenvale, December 2012 - June 2013

More Information

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