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Zane, of the Wetlands.

Crawl or get out of the way!!


Zane began playing Amtgard in Lubbock Texas at Irongate many moons ago. He was a very good friend of an early Amtgarder "The Mad Hatter" and is a very close friend of Misteslaus. He and Misteslaus founded the Shire of Darkwater West in the Kingdom of Dragonspine in Portales, New Mexico which later shared the name with Darkwater East (now in the Kingdom of Neverwinter) Both groups enjoyed their work together at opposite ends of the wormhole. Darkwater West has been reorganized as the Shire of the Shining Dogs in the Kingdom of Golden Plains.

Zane moved to the Wetlands in 1999 and took up residence on Galveston Island. He has played in the now defunct Isle of the Four Dragons, Stormwall and Granite Spyre. He is actively involved in the kingdom and enjoys creating armor and fighting

Affiliated Groups

Founding member of the Brothers and Sisters of War and Vengeance a small group which encourages its members to "Smite evil daily;"
Founding member of Landcrest Company
HBS - Lil'Sluffer

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

AA Eastern New Mexico University

Additional Images

Landcrest Company (fighting Company)
Brothers and Sisters of War and Vengeance (Household)

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