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Wyell Voad, of Obsidian Grove, Blackspire

"The best thing about a goblin is the cute little popping nose it makes when they die."

"I want to bring you closer to God, it just so happens in doing so im going to kill you." -House of the Weeping Skull

Character Biography

Name: Orkinator (deceased) now Wyell Voad

Race: Avatar (an ascended Night Elf spirit has joined with the Humani Orkinators body)

Occupation: First Horror Pope of the Church of the Wheeping Skull

History: Wyell was born in the year 1289 and ascended to the After Life in 1400 circa. As a young Night Elf he used to run and play as young elves did. He was one of the biggest trouble makers in his village but as he got older he learned his true skill, the great power of the dark magiks. When Wyell Ascended he was one of the most powerful wizards in all of amtgardia and was made the First Horror Pope of the Church of the Wheeping Skull, but with so much time in the After Life has lost all that power. Almost 250 years later he found a new body suitable of his spirit and joined with the fallen monk Orkinator. On the bad side of this joining however was the joining of a Night Elf soul with Humani body creating an almost imperfect being known as avatars to the Amtgardia world. He convince a good friend to recreate the House of the Wheeping Skull and branched of to head his own part of the house known as the Church of the Wheeping Skull so that Wyell Voad may have his rightful title again. Since then Wyell Voad has moved to a new place to join a new army and one day become the powerful wizard he once was. Now back in his Homeland of Hermits Hold hopes to rejoin his friends once more.

Personal Biography

Orkinator began playing this game of amtgard in august of 2005. I bacame Wyell Voad in July of 2008.

Affiliated Groups

  • House of the Wheeping Skull/Church of the Wheeping Skull (active)
  • House Zefra (destroyed)

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

The first monarch of Deep Water Grove

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