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The Shire of Wolfsbane

A Shire in The Kingdom of the Wetlands, located in Monroe, LA.



Wolfsbane is a remote land of the Wetlands that exists in a continuous Renaissance. Since the people were gathered here by a former lord, they have all grown and prospered tremendously under their kingdom’s flag. Many have come and gone, and those who have stayed have demonstrated exceptional talents within the Arts and Sciences. Many young Amtgarders live there, ready to show the Kingdom and beyond what they’re made of.

       Wolfsbane first connected with the wetlands kingdom at castle mania 2 . Where we learned the true meaning of “ wet “ lands . As the event  was 1 mile from a tornado warning and many tents and canopy’s  from other parks were destroyed due to high wind and rain . Never the less it was our favorite event by far . Being pre covid the  best memory from this event was eating off a community ham bone that was passed around , and  helping all the poor folks who’s tents where flooded / destroyed.         Sense then our park has strived to maintain a fight / ANS balance  as we have many players  with diverse interest . After some small chaos and covid . Our park leadership managed to maintain our numbers and even help them grow.  Now we stand on the cusp of becoming a barony and we look hopefully to the future to grow .  

Park best know for : -Young players 1-4 years in game -Helpfulness where it’s needed -Only full/ north Louisiana park -Original games such as hungry hungry larpers , the mad king , and candy corpses . - ANS oriented members - starting a tinder for our park - screaming “ owa owa “ as the park chant - bringing Jell-O shots to events to appease the pirates of stormwall . - park anthem “hungry like the wolf “- by Duran Duran



Contacts and Directions

Our updated  Facebook link is : 


Our park is located at 820 kiroli rd west monroe , LA. Kiroli park , has a 1$ admission fee per person. We meet at the field across from the tennis courts.

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