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A former freehold located in McAllen, Texas.



Feb 2005 BL BoD meeting minutes

Founded by Sir Chach, Sir Galtor, and Sir Berzerka, formerly of the HFS Kingdom of Silver Spire. Grey asked for help founding an Amtgard park in Pharr. Since attendance was low, the paperwork was given to him to help form their park faster. They joined the names "Wickervale" and "Ravenwood" to become "Wickerwood."

The BoBs have everything to do with the "wicker" nomenclature. As the old ones have said, the formation of Dalagoth and Silver Spire, BoBs would arrive at court yelling "Don't do it! Don't do it!" in regards to the recent split from Amtgard, and founding HFS kingdoms. There also was something about burning a wicker man. The BoBs do love to burn things...

This chapter joined with an HFS Chapter to form the Amtgard park of Wickerwood which soon joined the Celestial Kingdom. This merger caused Wickervale to become defunct in 2013.

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