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getting the 'Internal Server Error' bug. >.< --Linden 13:06, 8 April 2010 (UTC)

Checks and Balances

Written by Sir Randall Andalsa about monitoring Kingdom Funds and PMs

Each month, the agenda of the BOD always includes an audit of the Prime Minister that goes like this:

  • 1) We all read the petty cash ledger and compare it to receipts if there are any discrepencies.
  • 2) We count the petty cash and make sure it matches.
  • 3) We all read the bank ledger and look for any discrepencies.
  • 4) We compare the bank ledger to the bank statements for the month and make sure it matches.
  • 5) We verify that the Prime Minister has checked the PO Box (and if we're thinking about it, we check to see when the PO Box bill needs to be paid.)
  • 6) We go online and verify that the records are up to date.
  • 7) Once every 6 months, we review a paper printout of the records.
  • 8) We vote on whether or not to accept the results of the audit as passing. This is a regular motion, and the Prime Ministers by convention abstain.

So far, no Prime Minister has failed more than one audit, and that was years ago. We have no established rule for what to do if someone failed two audits. I would recommend asking the person to resign or taking it to the Althing, or, if it's a questionable, iffy failure, find ways to help the person pass the rest of their six audits. Three failures should definitely result in a tossed Prime Minister though, but the goal here isn't tossing officers, but rather helping make them more effective, and in that regard it has worked.

All of this gets entered into the BOD minutes, which should be disclose to the public. That last part has been a problem lately (my fault there), although the meetings are regularly scheduled and open to the public.

We also do this when there is a change of Prime Ministers, and document the information obtained and have both incoming and outgoing Prime Ministers sign off on it. We also have them review and sign off on the tubs of books and contracts that are transfered.

The big, key thing is the monthly audit that is then posted in the BOD minutes. At first, our Prime Ministers were freaked out by this and thought the BOD was out to get them, but they've since then all fallen into the rhythm of this being a regular part of their jobs, and it's become routine. It has the added effect of keeping Prime Ministers on task. :)