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Emailed list for information. Looks active. Sent full question list. --Linden 06:06, 18 July 2008 (EDT)

Question listing was ignored, confirmed actively with ORK contact. --Linden 15:27, 10 August 2008 (EDT)


1. Yes. 15 Average. 2. Sundays @ Noon 3. Arnold, MO 4. Natalie, Cathy, David, and Lisa (Esmae, Tawney, Ranpu, and Levitra) 5. It is already on the wiki, working on redesigning it. 6. No. Maybe. 7. Sorry, no. 8. Cordis Medagar was originally founded by Thorne and a few others looking to bring Amtgard closer to their home area of St Charles, Mo. The original Cordis crew were all long time players of the Duchy of Western Gate and had been driving across the river and all the way into south city to play the game. Cordis has historically had a roller coaster of ups and downs with attendance and by End of 2009 it was effectively dead with members keeping it alive on name. Summer of 2010 saw Paisely attempt to revive CM by moving it to West County St Louis, but that effort was folded in September of 2010. Members of WG who live in Jefferson County and South County area of St Louis decided that rather than see Cordis die out completely, they would attempt to revive the park locally. Having a local park was attractive enough that most everyone who lives in the area made the jump to CM. 9. Cordis has only been active in Arnold for 6 months, we really haven't set any traditions or a strong definition of our park. We are mostly made up of Veteran players and new players. As part of the first reign of the Arnold chapter of Cordis, we are attempting to set treditions though, such as our Halloween Jack-O-Lantern carving contest, aka The Jack Off, setting goals for fund raising and making some battle games of our own, we are still working on our mark in Amtgard. 10. We are active mostly on our facebook page, and many of us are active members of the Tal Dagore forums. 11. We are still an up and coming park, we have yet to make any news. 12. We have been trying to be active members of the community, bring many players in just from seeing us at the park, we are working on expanding our park and spreading the word about our park locally. We plan on advertising with local community boards and the City park officials to get the word out about Cordis. 13. We accomplished a very impressive goal for our food drive event, We have managed to bring in many new players and diligently working on the quality of our players and their skills.