Takezu no Wakagashira

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Duke Takezu no Wakagashira, of the Iron Mountains.

A.K.A. Takezu de Torquemada

Suck it up buttercup!


Seen here at his stepping down, Rakis 2007.


Longtime member of Northern Holdfast. Following his term as Emperor he moved away to the eastern lands and was rumoured to have ended up somewhere in the rough vicinity of the nascent Principality of Olympus.

Affiliated Groups

Amtgard Armorers Guild
Member & Founder of Clan Wakagashira.
Member of Bellator Adamas.
Takezu de Torquemada of the Scarlet Meanies.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Master Bushi
Duke - Given by Empress Talisin, June 2007
Walker of the Middle - Given by Duke Edan of Northern Holdfast, April 2005

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