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Woman at Arms, Saiganilia Abbernakie of Western Gate, Tal Dagore


Started playing in December 2007 because my Martial Arts teacher and classmates talked me into it. I played at the Knoblands through thick and thin; we lost the use of the public parks twice while I was there. During my stay there, I helped to make AnS a big part of the going on's. Before then most of the people just wanted to swing foam. Adding the AnS back in allowed them to draw in numbers and we made a push for Barony.

In February 2011, after college I moved to Cordis Medager (now Jupiter's Stones) and then moved again to the city and Western Gate. I hope that my presence in Western Gate will also allow for changes and it will lose its stigma as the worst park of Tal Dagore.

Currently the Duchess of Western Gate.


Sol Invictus


Duchess of Western Gate, 4/2012 - 10/2012
Baroness of Knoblands, 8/2010 - 3/2011
Regent of Knoblands), 9/2009 - 8/2010
Regent of Knoblands, 9/2008 - 2/2009
Prime Minister of Knoblands, 3/2008 - 9/2008