Role-playing in Amtgard

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Just as with the other aspects of Amtgard, role-play in Amtgard is limited only by the imagination. The rules of play are intended to provide a framework and opportunity that allow players to engage in role-play to whatever level they wish to experience. Each player has a different level of interest and expectation of role-playing. This is also true of each park and kingdom. Please refer to Role-playing in Amtgard Made Easy for guidelines on role-playing.

V8 Rulebook
Introduction · V8 Made Easy · Organization · Role-playing · Combat Rules · Armor · Weapons · Weapon Types, Shields, and Equipment · Equipment Checking · Magic Items · Battlegames · Classes · Magic, Abilities, States and Special Effects · Magic and Abilities · Rules Revision Process · Common Misconceptions · Award Standards · Kingdom Boundaries & Park Sponsorship · Annexure