Ominique deMorray

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Countess Sir Ominique deMorray, of Bright_Forge, Emerald Hills.

”It's actually pronounced "Omi-f#@king-nique". It's just that the "f#@king" is f#@king silent”



Ominique, or just "Nique" to most, began playing Amtgard in 1993 at Eagleshire in Denton, TX. She served several terms early on as park Prime Minister and was a founding member of House Morrigan, a house dedicated to supporting and encouraging women on the Amtgard combat field.

She served a term as Emerald Hills kingdom Regent in 2001.

In 2013, Ominique and Logan T. Black founded the Shire of Bright Forge in north Plano.

Married to Logan T. Black Mother to Stormhawk deMorray Black Mother to Havoc deMorray Black

Affiliated Groups

Founding member of House Morrigan and House Lionesse. A member of the fighting company Sable Pride

Belted Family

Sir Nevron Dreadstar

Notable Accomplishments

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