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Mobile App V8.0

Easygard is a web site/application for viewing a subset of the V8 Rules around Armor, Classes, Spells & Abilities among other things. It is meant to augment the full ruleset and be useful on mobile devices specifically. The first release was done January 5th, 2015 however additional features and capabilities will continue to be added.

As of March 4th, 2015 now supports offline access. The next time you visit the web site it will cache all required assets. You should be able to disconnect from the network and still use all the pages of Easygard.

If you find a problem with some stat in the application or want to suggest a feature (not too big) then you can email [email protected] with your suggestion.

Possible Features:

  • Spell Sheet Creation
  • Spell Sheet Sharing (like Augustus' Bard Quest List)
  • (your idea here)

Ideas added by Daggers of Skyfire Bay

  • Amtgard ork 3 integration
  • editable character sheet,track in game items,rewards, abilities, etc. Post an image of character
  • Integrated forum

The source for Easygard is available on the GitHub repo

You can follow @easygardca for any updates worth tweeting.

The application and the conversion of the spells/abilities was done by Kismet_(FF) of Felfrost