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Malac, of Western Gate Rising Winds

”I'm with Heinous.”



Malac was one of the original founding members of the Knoblands in Springfield, MO. He played for a short while before being drawn off into greener pastures of marriage and fatherhood. The bitch is gone but the debt remains and so he has found his way back into Amtgard. Malac has recently moved to the Duchy of Western Gate (St Louis) where he has reunited with other orginal members of Sol Invictus.

Affiliated Groups

Sol Invictus - Berry

Belted Family

None. We can't find a belt big enough.

Notable Accomplishments

Malac destroyed another boffer game called Eldaraenth shortly after the Knoblands was founded in an attempt to scalp their membership. The destruction still ripples through the area today with strong dislike between the various boffer games in the region.

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