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From the Rulebook

Items imbued with magic are a common part of Amtgard. Unlike temporary Enchantments, some Magic Items may be reused by their owners in each game. Magic Items may be acquired in a variety of ways. Some common examples are quests, themed battlegames, rewards for doing work for the group, or as part of reign-long campaign.

Magic Item Rules

  1. Magical Items each have a category corresponding with their level of power from Trinket to Talisman to Artifact.
  2. Magical Items are awarded at the discretion of the group officers.
  3. The officers of the group is responsible for tracking what Magic Items are owned by whom.
  4. Some Magic Items are one-use only. Magic Items which are used up are no longer available to the player and must be reported to the officers of the group.
  5. Ownership of Magical Items resets at the beginning of each reign.
  6. Magical Items may only be used by the person to whom they are given initially. Magical Items may not be transferred or traded to another player without the permission of the monarch who awarded them and the reeve of the battlegame.
  7. All magical items require the player to carry a copy of the write-up in order to function.
  8. Unless otherwise noted Enchantments conferred by Magical Items function exactly as normal Enchantments; they count towards your Enchantment limit, may be removed by Dispel Magic, require a strip, etc.
  9. Some Magic Items have a material component requirement. These components must be present in order for the Magic Item to be used and must be verified by the reeve prior to the start of the battlegame. Identical material component requirements may all be served by the same physical object, i.e. you do not need a unique bottle for each potion.
  10. Magical Items only function at the group level they were awarded and are unique to that group. For instance a player who receives a Magical Item at the park level may only use it at that park, but a player who receives a Magical Item at the kingdom level may use it at any park in that kingdom.
  11. Magical Items may not be used at interkingdom events unless allowed by the host kingdom.

Battlegaming With Magic Items

Here are some basic guidelines for how to use Magic Items in battlegames. These guidelines may be changed or adapted by the battlegame reeve. Reeves are always encouraged to consider game balance when determining what Magic Items are allowed in the game.

  1. Magic Items are typically only used in full class battlegames.
  2. The reeve always has final say over the use or behavior of Magic Items in a battlegame.
  3. The reeve for the game has the final say in what Magical Items (if any) are allowed in a battlegame in all situations.
  4. Typically games with less than 14 people are limited to Trinkets, 15 to 30 people may use up to Talismans, and games with more than 30 people may use Artifacts.
  5. A player may use up to one Artifact in a battlegame.
  6. A player may use up to two Talismans in a battlegame.
  7. A player may use up to three Trinkets in a battlegame.


Trinkets are lesser Magical Items that are not overly powerful and can safely be used in most battlegames.


Talismans are Magical Items of meaningful power that may require consideration before being allowed in some battlegames.


Artifacts are powerful Magical Items which require careful consideration before being allowed into any battlegame. Artifacts are unique; there may only be one of each Artifact awarded per kingdom at a time.

Creating New Magic Items

For themed reigns, special battlegames, or just for fun local group officers may want to create their own Magic Items. Here are a few guidelines to follow when doing so.

  1. Keep it simple. It should never take more than a couple of sentences to completely describe what an item does.
  2. Re-use existing mechanics. Avoid creating new mechanics for use in items.
  3. The item should not be an automatic “I Win” button. Items should be about giving more options and small advantages to augment a players existing skills. Items should never be more powerful than the players themselves.
  4. Non-standard magic items should go away at the beginning of every reign.
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