Landolf Röentgen

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Landolf Röentgen, of the Emerald Hills

”If you lose against overwhelming odds, its no big deal.. its expected; but when you WIN..... it's glorious!!”



Landolf arms small.jpg

  • Upon a Gyronny of Eight Azure and Gules, a Wolf's Head Erased Argent, Langued of the Second.


Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

  • Landolf is the fount of his belt line. He has had one squire, Gavvin Quinn, elevated to the peerage.
  • Due to an ugly political incident in the very early years of the kingdom, the Circle of Knights asked Landolf to remove his belt and set a penance for him to regain it. When Landolf took up his belt again there was some debate over whether or not he was successful in completing the penance and rather than argue the point, Landolf dropped his belt completely. The fact that Landolf finished his Amtgard career without a belt has never deterred his former squire (and grand squires)from referring to him as the head of his belt line.

Notable Accomplishments

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More Information

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