Kingdom Boundaries & Park Sponsorship

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From the V8 Rulebook

The united Kingdoms of Amtgard, speaking with the voice and leadership of the Circle of Monarchs, believing that the growth of Amtgard is advanced through the responsible government of the various kingdoms, and seeking to encourage that growth with communication, high standards, and mindfulness of the future unity of Amtgard, do hereby endorse and ratify these guidelines regarding the sponsorship rights of contracted chapters and kingdoms.

I. A contracted chapter may petition any kingdom for sponsorship, but permission will need to be granted by any kingdoms close to the chapter before the chapter can be sponsored.

II. A chapter is considered to be close to the kingdom that has the nearest kingdom seat, the kingdom that has the nearest kingdom chapter, and the kingdom with the nearest kingdom seat in the same state as the chapter. This may result in a chapter being close to multiple kingdoms.

III. A kingdom seat is the center of the city in which the kingdom’s first kingdom-level monarch held office, unless otherwise specified by Amtgard, Inc. or the Circle of Monarchs.

IV. A kingdom chapter is any chapter sponsored by a kingdom.

V. If a chapter is within the same state as and within 75 miles of a kingdom seat, it may petition that kingdom without seeking permission from any other kingdoms.

VI. If a chapter is more than 500 miles from any Amtgard chapter, it may petition any kingdom without seeking permission from any other kingdoms.

VII. Chapters sponsored by kingdoms at the time of this agreement retain their sponsorship, but are subject to the terms of this agreement should they seek to change sponsorship.

VIII. The Circle of Monarchs shall have authority to hear and resolve all issues related to this agreement.

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