Heavy Padding Substitution

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From the V8 Rulebook

All melee weapons require a portion their length to be Strike-Legal, as noted in the individual weapon descriptions. Heavy Padding Substitution allows you to replace a portion of Strike-Legal with Heavy Padding. For each inch of Heavy Padding added you may also replace an additional inch of Strike-Legal with Courtesy Padding.

Heavy Padding added must start within 3” of the stabbing tip and proceed continuously towards the handle. Courtesy Padding added in this manner must begin at the top of the handle and proceed continuously towards the tip.

For example: A 48” Long weapon is typically required to have 32” of Strike-Legal followed by 16” of Handle. Using Heavy Padding Substitution you could have 16” of Heavy Padding, followed by 16” of Courtesy Padding, and then 16” of Handle.

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