Gracie the Cat

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Gracie the Cat, of IMD, Iron Mountains

”What part of MEOW do you not understand?”


Gracie the Cat wandered into the Duchy one chilly winter day after having run for her life from a terrible flood that ravaged her former home far to the south. Thin, hungry and injured, she nevertheless knew just how to survive. Thus it was she followed her little pink nose to a small cottage on the edge of town. That is how she met Amarra, who just happened to be cooking a large pot of stew. It was love at first sight for both of them, and little Gracie was soon wrapped in a warm blanket on Amarra's lap with a full belly.

Gracie takes her role as a Countess's cat very seriously. On warm days, she patrols the area, keeping the birds and voles in their proper places and making friends with anyone she can. On cold days, she practices conservation of energy by staying in bed. She comports herself always with the dignity befitting a cat and always has a purr of encouragement for anyone feeling down.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Set new sleep record, winter 2018
  • Hosted a class on mouse-pouncing, summer 2019