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A type of Armor

See Padded Cloth

Example of an 'Arming Coat'

(sometimes referred to as an arming coat)
resembles a quilted, close fitting tunic that minimally extends from the thighs of an individual to their elbows, excluding their head and neck.

From the Rulebook

  • A gambeson must be at least equivalent to Cloth armor.
  • A gambeson must be worn under all armor on a hit location in order to give a bonus.
  • A gambeson which extends past the area covered by the armor it is supporting may be either treated as garb or averaged as Cloth armor at the discretion of the wearer on a per-location basis.

Would you like to know more?

Also known as: Aketon, acton, arming coat, auqueton, gambeson, hacketon, haqueton, pannzar, vapntreiyu, wambais, wambesium, or wambs. A leather garment worn under armor is called a Buff Coat