Fenris Midgaardsbane

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Squire Fenris Midgaardsbane, of Murky Waters, Celestial Kingdom

”I enjoy the fact that i can get away with calling Dragonmouse 'mom' ”
”Victory is uncertain, but Hope is assured ”
”There is a reason i am commodore of the Fail Fleet”
”I believe the favorite phrase coming from MW about me is still 'Dammit Luffa!' ”



Well I started in February of '08, it was basically something to do during sundays and such to kill time, but it turned out to be much more. i wasnt much for fighting, and i wasn't thinking much of a Persona as well. after being there for a few moments, i was talking with the other people there someone named Theo looked at me and gave me my first name. "Luffa" was my amtgard name for the time being.

My First Assassination I started playing Assassin and stuck with it, then i started hearing about assassinations that happened in the past and decided to try something like that. around three or four months after i started i took on the name Fenris Midgaardsbane. during the the coronation of Murky waters of dec. 08, i was preparing to leave for Navy basic in roughly a week. so pro-temp Duchess Cadia decided to "behead" me after changing out the monarchy of MW, i was sitting with Sir Theo, who was my "master" in a sense, Cadia called up Fenris, at which point i said aloud, " wait what? im not in a high seat of power." Theo thought for a second and replied " good point, i'll back you up." so with myself going up with Theo with his weapons drawn and i knelt in front of her. she accused me of deserting the Duchy, and decided to behead me, the instant she forced my head down i spoke. " Impressive, teleport teleport teleport teleport teleport." and got away. afterwards i found out that my Squire, Dragonmouse, had set it up. sneaking behind to where the high table is, a conversation started between me and her, and the guards turned to attack me, in which i stopped them by merely saying " look im just talking with my squire, keeping it quiet so i dont interrupt Court, you guys are interrupting court by turning around." So they turned around and left me alone. after they turned away i placed my hand on Dragonmouse and said, " Squire, love ya, Touch Of Death." and walked away, I have been the only person EVER to Assassinate Dragon mouse, and the Chancellor of MW.

Affiliated Groups

Fenris is a Chieftain of Tribe Latrosheen of the Saracens.

Belted Family

Fenris is Squired to sir Maniacles.

Notable Accomplishments

Master Assassin

Additional Images

Me and Abi: this picture was taken when i injured my back back in april of 09 hence the walking stick.

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