Enchantment Strip

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Strips are used to denote certain types of Enchantments and Special Effects for quick on-field identification.
The most common use of strips is to denote enchantments or abilities that function as enchantments.

  1. Strips must have at least 6” of visible drape, and cannot be covered by garb or equipment.
  2. Strips on players must be attached in a visible location when viewing a player from the front.
  3. Strips have a cohesive color-coding system.
    1. Offensive Enchantments and Special Effects are denoted by red strips.
    2. Defensive Enchantments and Special Effects are denoted by white strips.
    3. Miscellaneous Enchantments and Special Effects are denoted by yellow strips.
  4. Enchantments and Special Effects that require enchantment strips do not function if the enchantment strips are not present. It is the responsibility of the bearer to ensure their strips are present in order for the enchantment or ability to function.
  5. Traits do not require strips unless they require activation, i.e. Traits that are an always-on part of a class do not require strips.