Deth the Dire Hearted

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Sir Deth the Dire Hearted, Warlord of the Lands that Burn.

” Never let them see you smile”



aka: Robert (Robbie) Klipp. Joined May 28th 1983

  • Deth was the third member of the Wandering Unicorns his skill with a sword was surpassed only by Sir Nashomi. He is most noted for having won the 1st Warlord Tournament utterly destroying all those on the field that day. As Amtgards second Warlord he helped to make the Unicorns the premiere fighting company of the day.

Affiliated Groups

  • The Wandering Unicorns Founding member
  • The 4th company/household in Amtgard. Of the first 6 Monarchies, 3 were Unicorns. Of the first 4 Knights through combat skill, 3 were Unicorns. The first Prime Minister, and Grand Duke of Amtgard were all Unicorns. Of the 4 responsible for creating the Burning Lands, two were Unicorns. We were present at Clan I.

Belted Family

Sir Deth The Dire Hearted (7/14/84)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Winner 1st Warlord Tourney (5/84)
  • 2nd Warlord (Ten orders of the Warrior)
  • 3rd Prime Minister of Amtgard.
  • Weaponmaster
  • Master Assassian
  • Master Scout
  • Master Warrior
  • Master Anti-Paladin
  • Master Reeve

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More Information

  • Personal Website
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