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A dagger is a small knife intended to be used for thrusting and stabbing. In Amtgard, this is the smallest classification of melee weapons

From the V8 Rulebook

This is a melee weapon that:

  1. May stab and slash.
  2. Between 10” and 18”.
  3. Must have 10” Strike-Legal.

In history

Daggers evolved out of prehistoric tools. In Neolithic times, daggers were made of materials such as flint, ivory or bone and were used as weapons since the earliest periods of human civilization. During the Roman Empire, legionaries were issued a pugio, a double-edged iron thrusting dagger with a blade of 7–12 inches. The dagger was often employed in the role of a secondary defense weapon in close combat. In the Late Middle Ages, knives with blade designs that emphasized thrusting attacks, such as the stiletto, became increasingly popular, and some thrusting knives commonly referred to as 'daggers' ceased to have a cutting edge. This was a response to the deployment of heavy armor, such as maille and plate armour, where cutting attacks were ineffective and focus was on thrusts with narrow blades to punch through mail or aim at armour plate intersections.

Daggers were often used as ceremonial tools, and would be ornately decorated.

Making a dagger

Main article: Sword

The technique behind making Amtgard-legal daggers is exactly the same as making a standard sword, with less materials required.

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