Cooking Entries

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Due to the delicate nature of cooking entries, this category is generally judged first.

Entries are judged on taste, texture, appetizing presentation and difficulty. There will be around five judges and entrants will need to provide enough of each entry for all of them to taste. Be prepared to have a way to maintain your own dish until it can be judged (hot/cold). Bring plates, cups and utensils if they will be needed to judge your entry.

  • Appetizer: A dish intended to be served as an appetizer.
  • Main: Course: A dish intended to be served as a main course.
  • Dessert: A dish intended to be served as a dessert.
  • Vintners: A drink that was brewed or fermented. Mixed drinks are not considered brewed or fermented. These do not have to be alcoholic drinks to fit in this category.
  • Other: A dish or drink that does not fit into any other category.