Calaun Dawnblight

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Calaun Heraldry.jpg

Tyrant Calaun Dawnblight, of Lost Winds, 13 Roads

”If no one else will do it might as well be me”

Notable Accomplishments

  • 1st Prime Minister of Lost Winds
  • 3rd Monarch of Lost Winds (Grew it into a Duchy)
  • Dragonmaster of Owlbear Grove (Feb 2020)
  • Weaponmaster of Owlbear Grove & Order of the Lost Crossfire 2022
  • Marketing Lead for Amtgard International (7/2020-7/2021)
  • 1st Guildmaster of Reeves for The Principality of 13 Roads
  • 2nd & 4th Prince of The Principality of 13 Roads
  • 3rd Principality Prime Minister

More Information

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