Butted Plates

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This is a type of Armor

From the Rulebook

Butted plates.jpg

Armor comprised of numerous steel plates that are attached to a backing, linked by cord or chain, or by some other method. This armor is flexible with numerous seams and joints between plates. This armor will deform locally when struck rather than spreading out impact over a large area. It provides fair protection against both penetration and impact.

Armor Points

Base Armor Points: 3
Maximum Armor Points: 4


Plates must be at least 1.22mm (0.05")(18 gauge) steel. Plates must be spaced no more than 1/2” apart. Plates must cover at least 80% of the exposed area of the armor.

Armor Specific Modifiers

Heavy Gauge: +1

The plates are at least 1.58mm (0.06") (16 gauge).

Heavy Backing: +1

The plates are attached to a backing of Strong Leather.

Gambeson: +1

This armor is worn over a Gambeson.

Rigid: +1

The plates are attached to a rigid backing in such a way as to create armor which does not deform locally on impact.

No Gaps: +1

The plates are attached in such a fashion as to provide a continuous layer without gaps between plates.

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