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In many Amtgard kingdoms, it is traditional that when a person is dubbed a knight that all of the knights present welcome and congratulate this person by punching them in the shoulder or chest. This is known historically as a buffet (BUFF-it, not buff-AY) or colee (kohl-AY). Many kingdoms and knights choose not to administer a punch, but instead congratulate the newly dubbed knight with hugs, kisses, or other more creative means of welcome. The long buffet lines at the largest Gatherings of the Clans are the stuff of legend, as newly dubbed knights endured 30-50 punches from their new brothers and sisters.

One of the negative parts of the tradition was that some knights who disagreed with the knighting would use it as an opportunity to try and really hurt the person they dissapproved of. There have been incidents of people being hurt, even to the point of broken ribs from some of the more brutal ones.

In some variations the new Knight gets to hit each person as they come up first. This still means that each of them only gets one punch as opposed to a ton for the new Knight.

The Kingdom of the Rising Winds has a tradition of buffeting in new squires

Buffetting is banned in the Emerald Hills and Dragonspine.