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Bubbles, of Skystone, Desert Winds



Joined Skystone around 2009.


The ocean claims many, they say. My sisters and I may have had something to do with that. I am Atashanika. My mother named me for the sound of the waves against the rocks. If my name is a mouthful, just call me Bubbles. Not too long ago, I lived as all my Naiad sisters and I do, floating through immortality, only paying mind to mortals when drowning the hapless sailors who leap into the sea. But there was one man, whom I called the Uncharmed Man, who scorned my sisters and I, and always stayed just out of my reach. Even as i grew to hate him for this, I also began to desire him. How strange is desire, to an immortal. When, finally, fortune granted me the opportunity to end his life, I found I had not the will to do it, and instead helped him escape to land. For my insolence, my sisters demanded that I pay dearly. They wounded me, and I was exiled from the sea that would heal me. My wound has since become infected, and without returning to the sea in which I was born, I will eventually go the way of all mortals. But beneath the waves wait my sisters, and they have not forgotten my sins.

Since my exile I have sought to find meaning to a fleeting mortal life. I have wandered, searching for the Uncharmed Man, and have never found him. I have had strange mortal longings for companionship, and found respite among the people of Skystone while on my travels inland. I have struggled for purpose and fulfillment, and found it only in healing the wounds of others. I know not if it is my mortality, or the very land itself that has changed me so, nevertheless, i find myself gentled, and changed. While i wander now in the wilderness of the Kingdom of the Desert Winds, my home is always among Skystone. Scrye is like a mother to me, and I have many mentors and friends.

I apologize, this has been such a sober tale. It shows nothing of my personality. In truth, I am merry! I seek to heal the wounds of others through song, laughter, and joy. I love to entertain and rejoice! And love... Who knew the mortality I once mocked and hated could be so...Fun?

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Belted Family

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Finished full can of Mountain Dew

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