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White Rose

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The Tenants of the House of the White Rose, and the Order in which protects it.

  • Honor above Death - In no way is a member of the White Rose to dishonor themselves of the house with lies.
  • Integrity - The member of the White Rose will conduct themselves in a fashion that is both honest and reliable.
  • Jovial - The member of the White Rose will keep focus on how to enjoy, and help others enjoy their time on the field.
  • Generosity - The member of the White Rose will show hospitality to players that are in need.
  • Priority - The player will put the game and its members above personal interest.
  • Brotherhood - The player will accept all members with open arms, and set aside petty differences for the purpose of enjoying the game.
  • Reliability - The member of the White Rose assist thier brothers and sisters in combat to the best of their ability.
  • Respect - The member of the White Rose will treat all members of the game with respect and tolerance regardless of the individual.
  • Bravery - The member of the White Rose will not give up even in times what are against the odds, and will do so without being foolhardy.

The House of the White Rose holds true to the idea of serving the Amtgard populace, regardless of personal affiliation. Through servitude, we can accomplish great things. We are not about "What I can do", but "What we can do", and "What we can help you do". Act like a Knight SHOULD act like. Fealty, Service, Bravery, Honesty. The House of the White Rose is an almost open membership to anyone who is interested in joining. to become a member, you must be sponsored by a current member, and voted into the White Rose. This is not a means to deter people, but separates those that really want to join and understand its purpose, versus a casual player who may represent a poor image of the ideals we strive for. As a member of the Household you are expected to abide by its tenants to the best of your ability.

The Order of the White Rose is the fighting company, bound by the same tenants, and swears to protect the members, and the tenants of the house it serves.

One may be a member of the House without membership into the fighting company if desired.


The group was originally founded on February 1 in the year 1992. While the White Rose has always had a "good guy" theme to it, It has evolved to include a variety of players of a wide range of character personas and themes. In 2000, when the Original Order of the White Rose faced dismemberment and disbanding the group underwent a drastic change in leadership. It was salvaged by a warrior named Mudeb, who took the name and re-purposed it to a new household. When Mudeb quit Amtgard to join another LARP (Belegarth) he passed the title to Maramus, a member in good standing for a number of years.

Maramus, unsure as what to do with the title, went park to park across the Kingdom of the Wetlands, Burning Lands, and eventually winding up in the Kingdom of Dragonspine looking for anyone in Amtgard who held membership in the Order of the White Rose. To his dismay, he found no person willing to claim membership to the Order save from a few handful who held a grudge against its founder or other members. To signify this whithering, he created/renamed the Order of the White Rose to the House of the White Rose, and began the rebuilding of the group as a household in Amtgard. This was done for four reasons. One - As a household, it holds official status in Amtgard as a Household rather than just a group of people, Two - With official status, membership can be used by the newly created (at the time) ORK and provide a way for members to keep in touch in an amtgard official capacity, as well as group affiliations on the ORK.
Three - With the massive upheaval toward the end of the first age of the Order of the White Rose, the newly named household aimed to wash away the ideas that had caused its schism and near death, and begin a new age from the seeds planted by the new leadership. Four - it simplified things in the eyes of outsiders used to the idea of Households and Fighting companies. It is alot easier to explain a household than "we are part of this group that's not a household, but its not a fighting company but we have members in it. While contrary in ideals to many of the original members, the Order of the White Rose is kept alive and now serves as the name of the fighting company that now serves the House of the White Rose.

The House of the White Rose often times holds cookouts and potlucks for the parks it attends.

The Order of the White Rose tries to show its abilities in fair play on the Battlefield in the parks it attends.

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Matanga Boots
Maramus - Lord
Tegan Morningdove

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