Wandering Plains

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A incipient freehold chapter, located in Athens Texas


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Established On April 24, 2009.The Wandering Plains was founded by Sheriff Vandervall in Athens, Texas. With the hope of making a "newbie" friendly environment. For people of all kinds to come laugh and make new friends while enjoying Amtgard in the midst of all of it. The Group is set to a "Vagabond"/"gypsy" theme or to get even less technical "Hobo", giving the group a nomadic feel. The intentions for the group are to entertain, practice and perform the arts of any kind are encouraged by this group from Drama to Sculpting. Music Plays a big part in the "Gypsy" caravan in which they have guitars, drums and talented and not so talented vocalists.The main under tone of the Wandering Plains is to not stray away from the fact that this is a game and we use it as a get away from the stress of mundane living, no stress should be involved in such a great sport as Amtgard only enjoyable memories to be made and great times to be had!


  • Wandering plains went defunct later in 2009.


  • Elgie
  • Sphen
  • Igneois
  • Nadya


  • Sheriff-Vandervall

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