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The following rules are from an out of date rule-set

A type of Terrain Effect.
From the Book of Engoku: Tsunami are waves of unimaginable size. Often they are caused by storms and high wind, but there is a sort that only occurs at the shoreline, which is caused by earthquakes. Tsunami is a rare Terrain, in that it can be manufactured by a player thru use of the Wind spell, or a monster via the Earthquake ability. If Wind is used over open water, a Tsunami is created all around the caster, traveling outwards to distances far wider than a scenario’s scope. While on any water terrain, the Tsunami instantly destroys any ships, and kills anyone on board that isn’t Aquatic or Tough. The ship the caster is on is not affected. If Earthquake is used far out at sea (no land visible), when the Tsunami makes landfall, anyone within 50’ of the shoreline without Aquatic or Tough dies. Those between 50’ and 100’ feet away from the shore without Tough or Aquatic take a wound (their choice). Note that this will kill the wounded.

Monster Ability of the same name:


Count “Tsunami 1, Tsunami 2…” through “Tsunami 350.”


200’ radius


A Tsunami Terrain effect is created, extending to a 200’ radius circle around the caster.


This ability has no effect while flying or on land, but can affect bodies of water as small as a large, deep creek (Reeve’s discretion)

Currently, the RyuSui is the only Monster known to bear this ability.