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Warlord Thedro, of Aegir's Hall, Principality of Westmarch, Kingdom of Dragonspine

"Everytime I try to say something cool, it backfires on me." -Thedro

"RULE #2: Do not fall prey to intimidation tactics when Thedro wields the madu. When madu is raised by said user, BLOCK with appropriate defensive item or weapon. Do not leave any soft squishy body parts exposed or attempt to block with your face. The latter will result in lying on the ground and crying for family members or friends." -The Death Scarab



Flurb Biography

Rumor has it, Thedro was born of a peasant woman in the highlands of Amtgardia long, long ago. When he was born, his mother knew right away that something was different, the horns gave it away. Fathered by a minotaur god, he spend his childhood in seclusion, whenever he was seen in public it caused an uproar, causing his mother to have to move. In secret he honed the art of back stab killing and grew in stature and skill till the day he finally left his mother and ventured out to make his fortune. He cut off his horns to hide his nature, and learned the trade of pastry baking. By day, he is a humble pastry chef, but by night he is hired backstabber. Both grim and bold, you will be lucky if you ever see him coming.

A tall man creeps from the shadows the size of a Minotaur. His eager sweat gleams from his eyebrow. As he lowers to a pouncing position, streams of steam flow forth from his back quickly turning into an aura that eerily calls his name. If u were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this, you would occasionally see faces appearing and disappearing in a ghostly manner. All of these faces showing agonizing and horrifying expressions... these are the victims of this immortal's rage… cursed to watch him slay for eternity. Before the flash of an eye he leaps forth collecting new souls with the grace of a jackalope. Quickly dispatching of the enemy side before his allies are aware of his presence, the battle ends with the empty husks of men falling before the rest of the army arrives. This is why you can only whisper his name or if u say it too loudly u may be slayed as well. The man, the myth, the legend, Thedro himself has spoken.

Thedro was once heard saying on the field of battle, “How do I learn to flurb better, faster, stronger? Such powerful magics that sword and shield cannot defeat!” One can only hope that in time, wise flurbs of old will take him under their wings and guide him into flurbvana…time will tell.

Many people have searched far and wide travelling many great miles to put themselves under his tutelage only to find mist and more shadows. For the flurb magic was to strong. Thedro can pass between the realms of flurbaynia and amtgardia causing huge rips between planes from where he draws his power from. Yet, thedro needs none of it for he is immortal



He's a cool, mellow guy that Aegir's Hall has claimed. He is assisting everyone in Westmarch to become better fighters. He likes to play wizard. Flail is his favorite weapon.

Affiliated Groups

Long standing member of the Corsairs, A member of the Golden City All-Stars in jersey number two.


Master Assassin, 1996

Notable Accomplishments

A Warlord of three different kingdoms.