Ted Iomhair

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Squire, Ted Iomhair, of River Hold

”We are men of actions. Lies do not become us.”



Ted was dragged into Amtgard by Dru-Kara. He first participated in Amtgard in February of 2007 in Pegasus Valley, Dragonspine. Ted became a full-time member of Amtgard in July of 2007 becoming a member of Lost Souls, Dragonspine.

In February of 2008, Ted became the first prime minister of Lost Souls. He took on many more positions including Champion, Guildmaster of Monsters as well as Monarch of River Hold.

Affiliated Groups

Ted is a member of the Dark Trolls.

Belted Family

Emer Rustytongue took Ted Iomhair as her Squire on November 7, 2009. She presented Ted with his Squire belt during King Sain Ironhand's court.

Ted's Squire brothers and sister include Crimson-froggie, Morrza and Nacoochee.

Ted was previously a Man at Arms to Kyrie Eleison who is Squired to Dame Weilok.

Notable Accomplishments

Squired to Emer Rustytongue.

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