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Joxar is wondering if he is finally allowed to edit his own wiki page or if the wiki nazi's are still keeping him down.

As fun as it is to be a Wiki Nazi, and keep you (in particular) down, I think you'll find a valid rationale in our actions.

In particular, lets review the events as they unfolded:

  1. A bare IP address wipes out some page.
  2. An admin restores it
  3. The page is again wiped, again by an anonymous IP address
  4. The admin restores the page, and thwacks the IP address with Ye Olde Banne Hammar

Does that strike you as unreasonable?

Perhaps if you were to create an account, log in and oh... say.... explain yourself, you might get a better reaction.

And there's really no way to know whether or not you are who you say you are, or just some relatively clever ass-clown with an axe to grind.

--Lucas 21:31, 7 October 2009 (UTC)

Why would I create an account? I did not wish to participate in this site. I also do not want other people participating for me. Who created my page? It wasn't me. How did you verify that person's(my?) identity? Does this mean that IF I were to create an account I could create a plethora of pages for others with skewed info. It seems to me thats how things are done.

Oh well, you win, I will create an account my response alone has wasted enough of my time that I could have wasted making my page what I wish it to be. I expect that any editing I do to my own page will be allowed. I get that I can't become racist or fill my page with hate speech but I do expect to be able to make my page what I want it or I will have to ask tht it is removed.