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Syn RacheEngel, of The Freehold of The Valley of the WaterForge

"All shall perish in the aftermath of the RacheEngel"

Syn RacheEngel was born into the wilds of a far off place and began the ritual migration of his people. It was their custom to do this as a rite of passage and soon after his departure from home, it was attacked by the sworn enemy of the RacheEngel clan. Syn has no knowledge of this attrocity, but his people were tottally wiped out. He kept moving because he couldnt find the place that kept nagging him in his dreams. After travelling far and wide, he contacted a powerful wizard and that wizard summoned forth a portal to another world. After deciding against going thru the portal, the place where they were was suddenly under attack. The wizard screamed at him...."Go find your destiny!" He jumped thru the portal and was transported to the Kingdom of the Rising Winds, not far off from the Barony of Thee Nights Legacy. He was warily accepted into the "family" at the Barony and has been a part of them til he had some issues and had to leave for a while. As of lately, he has been travelling and visiting other areas of the Amtworld and finally settled a "family" of his own, with the help of Raston Aracorn. We are now a proud group of nomads brought together by the need for a way to get away from the violence of the world. I had put my sword to the side for some time, but lately there has been more and more monsters wandering into our haven and wreaking havoc upon us. We banded together and are most of the time successful in driving them off with minimal losses of our people. We are a hearty group of individuals, and are always looking for new people to jump into the "family" we have.