Struggle bus

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"Many mistakes have been made” - Ziayre 2017


The Struggle bus is a household formed in the Frost Lands chapter of the kingdom of Polaris, the mid-summer of 2017."Many mistakes have been made" is the motto of Struggle Bus. Unlike other households or companies, Struggle Bus does not demand excellence from its members- quite the opposite. Struggle Bus has one simple requirement: That you mean the best but, well, struggle with life. And not just a simple struggle, oh no. An example of typical Struggle Bus behaviour would be volunteering to help somebody move, packing up all their stuff... Then delivering it to the wrong house, somehow breaking something in the process. It takes a fine level of skill to be as unskilled as a Struggle Bus. Are you skilled enough to struggle?


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Notable Accomplishments

hey, we made this thing, that's kinda notable.

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