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Lord Silenus

I am the ONLY satyr, and I am not FAUN of having any discussions about it!


Started playing 7/16/2011 at the Barony of Skystone in Desert Winds, later moving onward to Inland Ocean (Northern Lights), Wyrvern's Summit (Northern Lights), Dragons Forge (Blackspire), and Iron Keep (Blackspire). I have been known by several names; Satyr, Blaylock, Laylo, and Silenus.


  • Current Squired under Dame Aurora Selene
  • Former Man-At-Arms under Rodesko - Belt returned under good conditions!
  • Former Page under WarBar - Belt returned under good conditions!


  • Entertainer's Guild

Notable Accomplishments

  • Poisoned half an army with oranges (2011)
  • Paragon Color (2020)