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I. Each Kingdom must elect or appoint a representative. The manner in which this is done is left up to the individual Kingdom.

a. The rep will be the only person allowed to post to the Rules Revision forum specified by the Rules Rep Organizer or present rule changes and clarification requests. The forum is open to the public for reading.
b. The representative position is an open-ended appointment unless removed by the Monarch or the rep steps down. This is to allow consistency amongst the reps.
c. The rep can be removed from the position at any time by the current Monarch of their Kingdom.
d. The rep answers directly to their Kingdom Monarch.
e. A rep must be a current member of the Kingdom in which they are to serve.
f. The main duties of the reps are as follows:
1. To bring requests for Rules Changes and Clarifications to the boards for discussion.
i. Rules Change Proposals are items that require a substantive adjustment to the Rules of Play.
ii. Clarifications are items that clarify the language regarding existing rules, but do not require a substantive adjustment to the Rules of Play. Clarifications should be clear-cut instances of ambiguity that are not balance or mechanical issues.
2. To discuss Rules Change Proposals and Clarification on the boards and suggest revisions as appropriate.
3. The reps have the discretionary right to discard proposals submitted by their Kingdom that are obviously inappropriate.

II. A Rules Rep Organizer (RRO) will be appointed every other year by the CoM by a majority vote. The responsibilities of the RRO are as follows:

1. To coordinate the rules process and ensure that appropriate timeframes are being maintained.
2. To compile the list of Rules Change Proposals for submission to the Executive Committee prior to the CoM meeting.
3. To ensure appropriate editing and publishing of the Rulebook with the changes as decided by the CoM.
4. To provide recommendations to the CoM regarding the advisability of approving Rules Changes.
5. To issue clarifications based on feedback and discussion by the rules reps. Any clarifications are binding unless and until vetoed by the CoM at the annual meeting.
i. Clarifications that require no adjustments to the Rules of Play shall be issued directly and are in force unless overturned by the CoM.
ii. Clarifications that require an adjustment to the wording of the rulebook, but that do not substantively change the Rules of Play, shall have a 30-day period for open commentary open to all Amtgardians. Once the commentary period has elapsed, the RRO shall receive approval from the Executive Committee on the clarification and shall make the appropriate updates to the Rules of Play.
6. The RRO has the discretionary right to discard proposals that are obviously inappropriate.
7. An RRO may be removed at any time by a simple majority vote of the CoM, at which time, the CoM may install a pro-tem RRO for the remainder of the term, also by a simple majority vote.

III. Rules Change Proposals that are submitted in the current year shall be voted on by the CoM in the subsequent year.

IV. A representative of Amtgard Inc. will compile the finalized list of Rule Change Proposals and will supply copies for the official vote. Each Kingdom’s rep will post the finalized list on their Kingdom’s list for discussion and feedback.

V. The vote will be held at the Gathering of the Clans, during the Monarch’s meeting.

VI. Only Monarchs may cast a vote at the meeting unless a representative (a representative of the Kingdom not necessarily the rules representative, although the rules representative is eligible for this duty.) has been appointed by them, in writing, before the meeting. It is in every Kingdom’s best interest to have a representative of their land with a list of votes at this meeting.

VII. Only the items on the finalized list will be voted upon. Absolutely no Rules Changes or Clarifications will be accepted on site for change.

VIII. Each item on the finalized list will be voted upon with a 75% majority of the assembled Monarchs (or appointed representatives) required for it to pass.

IX. Passed items are then compiled for entry into the rulebook or errata sheet as appropriate.

X. All rule changes and clarifications are effective one month from the date of the meeting. Errata sheets and edits will be posted at [] by this date.

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