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”I did not get this far in my paragon assassin grind without being this much of a piece of shit and it would be wrong to pretend otherwise.”



Lof was first introduced to Amtgard back in 2013, when a member of his college LARP took him to a Thursday night Caradoc Field. Unfortunately Lof wasn't able to return for quite sometime until he got a car of his own and returned to Caradoc back in 2016. Though he was not able to attend consistently for quite some time, he frequented as many fields and events as he could, before Eldamar was founded in his area. Now it is very hard not to find him at a field or event, usually with an absurd amount of throwies and/or a downspear.

Character Bio

At first, little was known about Lof, other than that he had a very short term memory and was always looking to offer his murderous services for coin. That was until it was discovered that there were quite a few more than one Lof, and that more often than not, a new one would show up wherever there was the possibility of an assassination contract. What is done with the coin gained by a Lof is unknown, as they don't appear to do anything with what they earn. What is known is that a Lof can be tempted to carry out any act for enough gold, treasure or enchantments. It has been documented that the occasional Lof can be conditioned to carry out higher tasks by providing a steady reward of coin over a long period of time, most notably the Lof that holds office in Eldamar, having been originally hired to protect the developing town.

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

Elected Regent of Eldamar Earned the Non-noble title "The Menace" for the practice and encouragement a number of wildly unsafe and/or disturbing crafting methods including, but not limited to:

  • Owning the Craftchete, a saw-like implement used uncomfortably frequently for crafting
  • Built a shield with his foot
  • Promoting 'overkill' in the cutting of foam using very large knives of questionable functionality
  • Elected Champion of Eldamar after an entire reign of the above nonsense
  • Hit Original Sin with a shovel while trying to craft a greatsword

Only entered and won a tourney after being bribed with Taco Bell.

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