Karyllon Illyrica Radmoor

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Dame Senator Karyllon Illyrica Radmoor, of Evermore Hollow in the Kingdom of Golden Plains.

”MapQuest Sucks! Or, We're sideways people in an up and down world.”
"If you're Blood, throw it up..."


Joined Amtgard June 25, 1989; Barony of the Golden Plains of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills. The daughter and only progeny of Sir Caleom Radmoor.

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Knight of the Serpent (Knighted March 6, 1993 by Sir Caleom Radmoor)
  • Mistress Bard
  • Mistress of the Dragon
  • Lady of the Pythonian Household.
  • see Knightly Family
  • In one trip, She singlehandedly angered the natives, blatantly ran a stop sign, jumped the railroad tracks, threw up gang signs, and texted while driving.