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The house started and is predominantly at Aegir's Hall. Lead by Harefor. Harefor believed that the Jackalope was an unappreciated, mystical creature and one of the only ones in America. The Jackalopes were the first house created at Aegir's Hall beating the Ducks only by 30 minutes. The Jackalopes consider the Ducks friendly rivals, but not much competition. The Jackalopes are extremely selective when inducting new members. Each member must enjoy every aspect of Amtgard before consideration and be expected to make their own Jackalope tunic once presented with the emblem.


  • All tunics must be a black Jackalope on a gold or yellow tunic. (No Customizations)
  • No Jackalopes can become Ducks.
  • Any Jackalope that's in a belted line can invite their underlings. (Even if Duck)
  • Tori has broken all rules within 30 minutes of being told them... she may be kicked out soon.