Griffon's Lake

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A Defunct chapter of Tal Dagore,once located in Jacksonville, Arkansas.




"Griffon's Lake moved from Paradise Park to stonewall in an effort to better advertise our presence, but rather than it helping, our members started to fall off and soon, it was just me but Griffon's Lake was my Amtgardial stomping grounds and I couldn't let it die. My knight, Sir Christian Kendric helped start the original Griffon's Lake but he has since moved to Portland. It was the first park I ever played at and was were I first feel in love with the game, so when the time was right, I started plans on its rebirth. So far, we have about 15 people on average every weekend and we've only been around for less than 4 months. In this area, those are pretty good numbers, sad I know but still. We are strong now because we try to stay true to the ideas of Amtgard. Anyway, Short version, I started it up again at the old location, so Griffon's Lake lives again, some of the old members came back, and we have lots of new members, it’s great. Anyway, it’s been great to make your acquaintance and I do hope we can stay in touch and be good friends."

-Sincerely Vincent Gestalt

Contracted in October of 2008







Wolf's Blood,

Wolf worrier,

Contacts and Directions

We met every Sunday at 12pm. We are at Stonewall Park in Jacksonville. Take the 67/167 exit towards Jacksonville, take the Air Force Base exit, go right at the intersection and get in the left lane make a left at the first light the road will be J.P. Wright continue until you see buck's food mart an make a right then make another right into the park

Once known as the most travelled shire in Tal Dagore.

Contact: This Chapter is Defunct

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