Grand Duke

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The highest of the standard amtgard Title.

Coronet bearing strawberry leaves worn by Dukes and higher.

Grand Duke, origins of the title

Grand Duke is the usual and established translation of Grand Prince in languages which do not have separate words meaning prince for (1) children of a monarch, and (2) monarch (sovereign or like) princes. English and French use Grand Duke also in this way.

The feminine form is Grand Duchess. A Grand Duke's principality (state or merely titular) is called a Grand Duchy.

Grand Dukes in Amtgard

A title bestowed for serving multiple terms as Kingdom Monarch. The list of amtgard grand dukes includes many of the legendary names of yore, including Heimdale,Aramithris, Michael Hammer of God, Ivar Nefarious, Rift, etc etc.

Neverwinter ranks Grand Marquis just above Grand Duke, but this is not a standard amtgard title and it was never awarded.

Known Grand Dukes and Duchesses

Historical Variations

The title Grand Duke (in Latin, Magnus Dux; in Spanish, Gran Duque; in Russian, Великий князь; in German, Großherzog, Italian Gran Duca; in French, Grand-duc; in Portuguese, Grão-duque; in Finnish, Suurherttua; in Polish, Wielki Książę; in Hungarian, nagyherceg;in Swedish, Storhertig; in Dutch, Groothertog; in Danish, Storhertug, in Lithuanian, Didysis Kunigaikštis) used in Western Europe and particularly in Germanic countries for provincial sovereigns, is of a protocolary rank below King but higher than a sovereign Duke (Herzog) or Fürst (usually but confusingly translated as "Prince").