Flail Snail

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Page Flail Snail Sluffanuffagus Phelddagrif Flumph, of The Shire of the Emerald Glades, in the Grand Duchy of Midgard, of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds


A flerb at heart and a big monster enthusiast this guy's favorite thing of Amtgard currently is sharing his name.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Page to Baronet Thalyn Den Macros

Notable Accomplishments

Order of the Gladius

Best Out of Context Quotes

"Do not wear chains and nipples at the same time!" "Mayonaisse garb is good garb for high-level monsters" "I thought vampires only existed in Mexico!" "I would like a water but with more regular water added in place of the water additive you typically use." "The three-fifths compromise is a good example of how we should treat monsters."

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