Feast of Fools

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Held in April every year since 2000, the Feast of Fools is one of the two camping mid-reign events run by Crystal Groves. As a weekend event, activities generally include a company battle, a quest, feast and court, as well as workshops, a tavern, spontaneous bardics, table top gaming, and breakfasts served by the Amazons and the Wardancers.

What discerns this event from others, however, is its lighthearted theme, as reflected in its name. Featured events have typically reflected this tone, such as past events have included a living chess game, cross dressing competition, and a slave auction. They also have typically held charity auctions, and hosted part of the Battle for the Cure. Like the Feast of the Dead, the other major Crystal Groves event, Feast of Fools has been a family-friendly event and have typically included a number of events specifically catering towards children.

Average attendance is currently at 200 to 300 participants, which have included travelers from all over the United States and Canada, and Kingdom monarchy from as far as the Celestial Kingdom.

A few photos from the event are:


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Feast of fools will be April 19-20, 2018